Subject Verb Agreement Sat Pdf

Correct the error of agreement of the subject of the verb. Some may be correct. What remains is the subject – the surveys! The second step is to ask whether the studies are singularly or plural. Well, it`s plural because of the s, which means there are more than one. That`s why we need a pluralistic show. And that`s the whole process! Cross-position sentences and you`ll be able to choose the subject from the remaining subtantives. It is usually the noun remaining closest to the verb. To choose the right verb, we must first find the subject. Let`s start by applying what we learned in a previous chapter and cross the preposition phrases: it is now easy to see that the championship is the main theme of the sentence. Mastery is unique, so we need the singular verb that demands it. After all, it`s the championship that takes a lot of time. But let us go back to the first verb within the relative clause and ask ourselves what this relative clause describes.

What really surprises the audience? Magic tricks! Magic tricks are plural, so we need the surprise of the plural. Note that the highlighted part is a comma expression. To find the subject, if the verb is in an expression or clause like the one above, just ask yourself what it describes. In this case, the expression clearly describes my aunt, which is unique. That`s why we need the singular verb. After all, the SAT likes to put more than one verb in the same sentence. In this way, one of the verbs can be buried deeper in the sentence to deceive your ear. In these questions, divide the whole thing in half and make sure the two verbs match. Another question variant you will encounter deals with helping verbs that are needed to make specific times. Examples of helping verbs are printed in bold below: if you are never sure that a verb as a show is singular or plural, test it by putting it in front and asking what is more accurate: the subject is a noun (person, place or thing) that is “doer” or “main characteristic” in the sentence.

A verb is a word of action. Think of the simple phrases above and how difficult it would be to have verbs that do not agree with the subject. You don`t even need to know what the subject and verb of each sentence is to know that it`s complicated. Now, the SAT isn`t going to make it any easier for you. They will deliberately try to fool your ear.