Downside Of Power Purchase Agreement

However, for homeowners who have the free money to buy solar modules, the return on investment is much higher when they buy instead of renting or entering into a power purchase agreement. The easiest way to understand solar ECA savings is an example. Let`s say you make a deal with a PPP of $0.10 per kWh of solar electricity. The electricity price of your distribution company is USD 0.15 per kWh. – a distribution company that knows nothing about electricity or solar. This new utility is not even as reliable as your current distribution company, because it is not really an energy company, but a financing company. Before signing, ask your sales representative about the exact components that will be installed and the type of treatment warranty offered by the component manufacturer to ensure that it aesthetically held a generation or more in the event of an exit from the financing unit. It is very likely that you will not have a satisfactory answer. – a new utility. It`s a second energy company, and you`ll have a second meter, and you have to send money to that company every month. And just like the other utility company, their rates are going to go up. .