Eu Launches Legal Action Against Uk For Breaching Withdrawal Agreement

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Wednesday that the EU had taken legal action against the UK after it failed to withdraw laws that would repeal elements of the withdrawal agreement and violate international law. Sidley Austin LLP provides this information as a service to customers and other friends solely for educational purposes. It should not be interpreted or used to provide legal advice or to establish an attorney/client relationship. Readers should not react to this information without being advised by professional consultants. Diplomats say the talks are not necessarily torpedoed by lawsuits, but London`s attitude has tarnished negotiations ahead of an EU summit scheduled for Oct. 15. The complaint highlights the deterioration of relations between the EU and its former member at a time when both sides are trying to conclude a rudimentary free trade agreement before the end of the year. The UK has already left the EU. but has the same rules and standards, thanks to a transitional agreement that expires at the end of 2020. The two sides spent this year agreeing on a free trade agreement allowing goods to move over and to Britain. The letter to the UK is the first step in the process that the Commission applies to countries it believes have breached EU law. She added that the bill was inherently “a breach of the duty of good faith” contained in the withdrawal agreement concluded by the UK from the EU in January. .

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